Event Pricing

Customize Your Favorite Drinks for an Unforgettable Event!

Rental of Our Tap Truck Includes

    • 1-2 Taptenders certified by TABC (required and depends on size of event)
    • Belle – our 1963 Chevrolet Panel Truck for a minimum of 3 hours
    • 3 taps to serve the beverages of your choice
    • Disposable premium plastic cups
    • Beverage napkins
    • Garnishes

    Mentionable Add-ons

    •   Upgrade to Four Taps. (price dependent on guest count)
    •   Upgrade to Five Taps (price dependent on guest count)
    •   Champagne (price dependent on guest count)
    •   Signature Cocktail (price dependent on guest count)
    •   Signature Mocktail (price dependent on guest count)
    •   Non-Alcoholic Package: Taps dispense Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Other Beverages.
    •   Coffee Tap: Taps dispense coffee accompanied with sugars and creamers.
    •   Infused Water: Strawberry Mint, Lemon Cucumber, or Citrus Mango 
    •  Bottled Water 
    •   Customized Pint Glasses: a great addition to a wedding for the bride and groom or the guest of honor at an event
    •   Customized Tap Handles – makes a beautiful keepsake

    Did we miss something!?! Let us know what beverages you’d like in the comments section.

    Contact Us
    Phone: (469) TAP-THAT
    Email: taptrucknorthtexas@gmail.com
    Location: North Texas